Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still playing. Just not posting.

Sorry for the lack of activity. A month away from the computer in August sort of killed any momentum I had going for me.

I did get a pic of the watch for August however.

A blue, basic model Gulfman. It took everything the sun, sand and water could throw at it. There may have been a day or two I didn't wear it. It was vacation after all.

September saw the G300 come out.

This watch was the banner model for quite some time on the watchuseek G-Shock forum. The photo was excellent and prompted many "what model watch is that?" questions. I asked that same question myself, and after a time found one for sale.

October's watch is a special edition Mudman.

The TLC Mudman commerates Toyota's Land Cruiser team's entry into the Dakkar rally. The rally was cancelled, so all us watch geeks couldn't live vicariously through the team and wear our fancy watches.

I didn't buy it because of the Toyota connection though. I wanted a colourful G, and this is a very, very bright watch. I've had a few people ask me if it was a kids watch. It realy does get noticed.

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